CARAVAN Objectives
  • To contribute to the socio- economic uplift of the population through Resource Management, peoples’ participation and effective partnership with Governmental  and Non- Governmental Organizations working in the area.
  • To contribute to initiatives for increase in productivity and earnings of     the population through skill development and income generation opportunities. 
  • To work for increase in efficiencies and effectiveness of the organizations providing services.
  • To promote formal and non- formal education with special focus on   women & children.
  • To improve health and hygiene situation in the area & create awareness about drug abuses.
  • To assist in capacity building of grassroots organizations through training, technical support, networking and linkages.
  • To  contribute to Institutional Reforms & Good Governance initiatives at grassroots level.
  • To contribute to empowerment of people by ensuring their access to information for having informed choices to prioritize and address their needs. 
  • To contribute to the Civil Society strengthening initiatives by giving voice to the voiceless and promoting social justice.
  • To support the farming community in scientific management of natural resources base on sustainable basis.
  • To contribute to protection and promotion of human rights, with special focus on the rights of women, children and the vulnerable.
  • To contribute to gender mainstreaming initiatives by government and non government organizations. 
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