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CARAVAN signed a Memorandum of Understating with Secretary Health of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


CARAVAN signed an MOU with the provincial government of KP through Secretary Health and District Health Department, Swat for the management and health services delivery at RHC Kalam District Swat according to the approved Quality standards of Health Department of KP for such Health facilities. CARAVAN will run this facility for next 5 years. The MOU aims at increasing access to socio-culturally acceptable quality health services through cost-effective interventions and better management of existing resources with the following strategic objectives:

1.                   To improve quality of healthcare services at health facility through staff capacity building, and improved working environment.

2.                   To strive to achieve the relevant targets of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through static and outreach Curative, Preventive and Promotive Health activities

3.                   To ensure community / patients’ rights protection through participatory approach and active involvement of community  in monitoring and decision making

4.                   To provide conducive environment for operational research, community Oriented medical education (COME) and health care support staff training

5.                   To pilot a referral system from community and to the category B & A care hospitals to improve services utilization.


A Support and Oversight Committee (SOC) will be formed for the quarterly review of progress, development of the model and support to the Hospital Management boards. The committee will comprise of:  

                     i.            Secretary Health                                                                                      Chairman

                   ii.            Additional Secretary Health, Development                                  Member

                  iii.            Director General Health Service                                                        Member

                 iv.            Chief Planning Officer, Health Department                                  Member

                   v.            Representative of Finance Department, not below    

        the rank of Deputy Secretary                                                             Member

                 vi.            Chief HSRU                                                                                 Member/secretary

                vii.            EDO Health Swat                                                                                      Member

              viii.            Medical Superintendent/In-charge  Health Facility                   Member

                 ix.            Member BOG, CARAVAN                                                                     Member

                   x.            Member BOG, CARAVAN                                                                     Member

                 xi.            Member BOG, CARAVAN                                                                     Member

                xii.            2 Community Representatives, to be jointly

nominated by Health Department and CARAVAN                     Members

              xiii.            Co-opted member


A Hospital Management Board (HMB) will be formed. That will meet monthly to review the progress, resolve issues and ensure community involvement in the utilization of the services. In-charge each health facility will coordinate the monthly meetings.

The HMB will comprise of:

1.       Director Medical/ Chief Executive CARAVAN                                                       Chairman

2.       MS/In-charge Health Facility                                                                                       Member/Secretary

3.       Member BOG,CARAVAN                                                                                              Member

4.       Two Community elders to be jointly selected/nominated

by Health Department and CARAVAN                                                                    Members

5.       District Surgical Specialist.                                                                                             Member

6.       District Medical Specialist.                                                                                            Member

7.       Finance Manager of the concerned facility                                                           Member

8.       EDO Finance or his representative                                                                           Member

9.       EDO(H)/or his representative not below the rank of

Deputy EDO (H)                                                                                                                                Member